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International Visiting Scholars

Research Space


1. The Research Institute for the Humanities and Social Sciences (RIHSS) enacts the following guidelines for the applications for international visiting scholars.

2. Eligibility and Types:

(1) Applicants require the recommendation of a scholar.

(2) Types: 

  • Visiting Scholars: current, full-time faculty members at international universities or academic research institutions. 
  • Visiting Fellows: postdoctoral research fellows from abroad, or international researchers with specialties and credentials recognized by RIHSS.

3. Application Periods: Applications are accepted on all year around and shall be received at least four months prior to the beginning of the proposed date of visit.

4. Submissions shall include the following items:

(1) Application form

(2) Proof of eligibility (diploma or certificate of employment)

(3) Research proposal

(4) A letter of recommendation

5. Applications are reviewed based on the applicant's past experience, research proposal, and space availability at RIHSS.

6. The period of stay for each visit shall be between one and six months. If necessary, it may be extended.

7. All international visiting scholars and fellows need to pay an administrative fee to National Taiwan University in accordance with the duration of stay. The payment scheme is as follows.

(1) The administrative fee is a one-off payment and not refundable.

(2)  Upon acceptance to the program, the visiting scholars and fellows shall make the payment in full one month prior to their arrival.

Duration of StayFees
1-14 daysTWD 6,000
15-30 daysTWD 10,000
31-90 daysTWD 15,000
91-180 daysTWD 26,000
181 days - one yearTWD 46,000

8. RIHSS offers international visiting scholars and fellows the following services:

(1) Invitation letter

(2) Office space

(3) Computer and internet service

(4) Access to National Taiwan University Library

(5) Information on academic events in Taiwan

(6) Housing information

(7) Certificate of visiting

9. RIHSS may provide assistance, upon request, to international visiting scholars and fellows in applying for housing at National Taiwan University on their own charge.

10. The guidelines are effective upon the announcement after the approval of RIHSS Executive Committee.

Guidelines for International Visiting Scholars


Application Form


  1. Please e-mail all necessary materials to Ms. Alice Lin.

  2. E-mail:

  3. Tel: +886-2-2351-1099#319

Research Space


  1. The research space is generally open from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM, Monday to Friday, and is closed on Saturdays and Sundays.

  2. The research space provides desktop computers, internet access, printers, and stationery supplies. The pantry is equipped with a water dispenser, microwave, sink, and refrigerator.

  3. Air conditioning is on when the room temperature exceeds 28 degrees Celsius. During the summer season, it operates between 9:00 AM as the earliest and 5:00 PM as the latest.

  4. To prevent any malfunctions of the air conditioning system, please refrain from manually turning it on or off. If temperature adjustments are necessary, kindly reach out to our staff for assistance.