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Advisory Committee

Advisory Committee Members

Current Positions
Academic Unit
Research Area
Hsi-San Lai
Distinguished Professor
Department of Chinese Literature, National Sun Yat-sen University
Chinese Literature
Tsung-huei Huang
ProfessorDepartment of Foreign Languages and Literature, National Taiwan University
Foreign Literature
Huei-Ling LaiDistinguished ProfessorDepartment of English, National Chengchi UniversityLinguistics
Den-Wu Chen

Department of History, National Taiwan Normal University

Chien-Hsing HoResearch Fellow
Institute of Chinese Literature and Philosophy, Academia Sinica
Jui-Ch'i LiuProfessorInstitute of Visual Studies, National Yang Ming Chiao Tung UniversityThe Arts
Nai-Yi Sun
ProfessorCollege of Law, National Taiwan University
Wan-Ying YangProfessorDepartment of Politics, National Chengchi UniversityPolitical Science
Hsin-Yi Lu
ProfessorDepartment of Anthropology, National Taiwan University
Anthropology and Ethnic Studies
Chih-Jou Jay Chen
Research Fellow
Institute of Sociology, Academia Sinica
Sociology and Social Welfare/Social Work
Jeng-Yi Tzeng
ProfessorInstitlte of Learning Sciences and Technologies, National Tsing Hua University
Tai-Li Chou
ProfessorDepartment of Psychology, National Taiwan UniversityPsychology
I-Chun Tsai
ProfessorDepartment of Quantitative Finance, National Tsing Hua University
Regional Science and Geography
Chen-Ying HuangProfessorDepartment of Economics, National Taiwan UniversityEconomics
Robin K. Chou
Department of Finance, National Chengchi University
Finance and Accounting
Pao-Lien Chen
ProfessorInstitute of Human Resource Management, National Sun Yat-sen University
Management I
Chi-Cheng Wu
ProfessorDepartment of Business Management, National Sun Yat-sen University
Management II
Wen-Hua KuoProfessorInstitute of Science, Technology and Society, National Yang Ming Chiao Tung UniversityScience Education