Yin-chen, Chen 陳穎禎


Years of Affiliation: RIHSS Postdoctoral Fellow from 2021-2022

建築與都市空間史、聚落、都市理論、文化資產保存、地域經營管理/Spatial Studies in Architecture and Urban History, Morphology Studies in Human Settlements and Cities,Conservation Studies in Cultural Heritage, Area Management Studies

臺北人,於北藝大建古所取得碩士、明治大學理取得工博學位。曾任東華大學台灣文化學系專案助理教授 (2019-2020),專長為空間史論研究與文化資產保存。

Taipeian. Doctor of Engineering. Graduated from Taipei National University of the Arts (master degree) and Meiji University (doctoral degree). Served as program assistant professor in Department of Taiwan and Regional Studies, National Dong Hwa University. (2019-2020) Major in Spatial History Studies and Conservation of Cultural Heritage.