Shung-Jan Fan 樊香君


Years of Affiliation: RIHSS Postdoctoral Fellow from 2022


臺灣現當代舞蹈發展、身體實踐研究、身體性創作、接觸即興、觸的美學、舞蹈錄像、舞蹈構作/The development of contemporary dance in Taiwan, Body practice research, Body-based creative work, Contact Improvisation, The aesthetics and ethics of touch, Dance video & film, Dance dramaturgy


Fan, Xiang-Jun holds a Ph.D. in Arts at the Dance Institute of Taipei National University of the Arts. She works as a practitioner, researcher and educator in the field of contemporary dance in Taiwan. The core of her research is about the dance body as the driver for generating knowledge, thereby Xiang-Jun opens up a dialogue with other fields. With these concerns in mind, she continues working on dance studies as a distinct field for generating embodied knowledge. Her Ph.D. thesis To Touch the Limit In-Between: Contact Improvisation, Aesthetics of Touch and Taiwan Contemporary Dance was awarded a Ph.D. fellowship by the Ministry of Science and Technology in the humanities and social sciences in the year 2020. Xiang-Jun lived briefly in Berlin, Germany, where she studied and practiced dance dramaturgy at the “Tanzbüro '' and the dance company in National Theatre Linz in Austria.