Po-hsi Chen 陳柏旭

Yale University
East Asian Languages and Literatures, 

Years of Affiliation: RIHSS Postdoctoral Fellow from 2021-2022


研究興趣:台灣文學史、全球左翼、東亞研究/Taiwanese literature and cinema, global leftism, East Asian studies


Po-hsi Chen obtained his Ph.D degree in East Asian Languages and Literatures from Yale University. He holds an MA degree in English from National Central University and a BA degree in Foreign Languages and Literatures from National Taiwan University. His research situates the politics of emotions in Cold War Taiwanese literature within the 1960s global radical culture. 


Ruei-chen Yeh 葉叡宸


Years of Affiliation: RIHSS Postdoctoral Fellow from 2021-2022


研究興趣:明清文學、社會文化/Chinese literature and social culture of Ming and Qing Dynasties


My research interests lie on Chinese literature and social culture of Ming and Qing Dynasties. I focus on the interaction between human and space in Regional Monographs of Chinese garden, and try to realize how the spatial memory be shaped during the editing process.


Ai-mei Luo 羅愛湄

The Chinese  University  of Hong Kong
Ethnomusicology, Ph.D.

Years of Affiliation: RIHSS Postdoctoral Fellow from 2021-2022


研究興趣:音樂與族裔性、現代性、國族主義、永續性;聲音研究/Music and Ethnicity, Modernity, Nationalism, Sustainability; Sound Studies


My research interests center around music, identity formation and issues of sustainability in relation to modernization, with the geographical foci on Taiwan and China. Since my PhD research, I have continued to explore how music mediates the emergence of Hakka new ethnicities. My current project studies how Hakka children’s songs intersect with place-making in Taiwan. 


Ching-fang Hsu 許菁芳

University of Toronto
Political Science, 

Years of Affiliation: RIHSS Postdoctoral Fellow from 2021-2022




研究興趣:司法政治,法與社會,法律職業,民主轉型與威權政體/Politics of legal actors, institutions in the various power settings


I am a political scientist specializing in comparative politics and law & society, with a regional interest on East Asia. 
I received my Ph.D. in political science from the University of Toronto, and was also trained in law with an LL.M from UC Berkeley and LL.B from National Taiwan University. 
My work is in the interdisciplinary area between political science and law, focusing on the politics of legal actors and institutions in the various power settings. I publish in law reviews and social sciences journals. 
My current book project investigates the politics of the legal profession in the advancement and retreat of authoritarianism, using Hong Kong and Taiwan as two case studies.


Yu-he Hsiao 蕭育和


Years of Affiliation: RIHSS Postdoctoral Fellow from 2021-2022



當代政治理論、當代歐陸政治思想/Contemporary political theory, Contemporary continental political thought


Yu-he Hsiao received Ph.D. in political science from National Taiwan University in November 2018. His thesis is on the conception of biopolitics in contemporary thought. His current research focuses on the theoretical reflections of collective political phenomenon, specifically the strategy of left populism in the writings of radical democracy and the discourses of revolution in contemporary thoughts. He is also starting a new book project on political theory of violence.


Yin-chen Chen 陳穎禎


Years of Affiliation: RIHSS Postdoctoral Fellow from 2021-2022


建築與都市空間史、聚落、都市理論、文化資產保存、地域經營管理/Spatial Studies in Architecture and Urban History, Morphology Studies in Human Settlements and Cities,Conservation Studies in Cultural Heritage, Area Management Studies

臺北人,於北藝大建古所取得碩士、明治大學理取得工博學位。曾任東華大學台灣文化學系專案助理教授 (2019-2020),專長為空間史論研究與文化資產保存。

Taipeian. Doctor of Engineering. Graduated from Taipei National University of the Arts (master degree) and Meiji University (doctoral degree). Served as program assistant professor in Department of Taiwan and Regional Studies, National Dong Hwa University. (2019-2020) Major in Spatial History Studies and Conservation of Cultural Heritage.


Ubaldo Iaccarino, 雅保多

Pompeu Fabra University(Spain)
History, Ph.D.

Years of Affiliation: RIHSS Postdoctoral Fellow from 2021-2022


近世菲律賓史、十六、十七世紀西班牙人在東亞活動史/Early Modern Philippine History, History of the Spanish presence in East Asia and Southeast Asia (16th and 17th centuries)

雅保多(Ubaldo Iaccarino)獲得西班牙龐培法佈拉大學歷史博士學位與那不勒斯東方大學亞洲研究學碩士學位。研究專業是近世東亞和東南亞海洋史。他的研究興趣主要在於近世菲律賓史與十六、十七世紀西班牙人在東亞活動(貿易,外交,天主教傳教等)以及在東南亞的中日貿易網絡。

Ubaldo Iaccarino earned his doctorate in History from Pompeu Fabra University (Barcelona, Spain) after graduating in Asian Studies at "L'Orientale" University of Napoli (Italy). His field of expertise is Early Modern East Asian and Southeast Asian Maritime History, with a focus on the History of the Philippines. His research interests lie primarily in the history of the Spanish presence in Asia (trade, diplomacy, Catholic missions) and the Sino-Japanese trade networks in Mainland and Island Southeast Asia (16th-17th centuries).


Mei-Chun Lee 李梅君

University of California, Davis
Anthropology, Ph.D.

Years of Affiliation: RIHSS Postdoctoral Fellow from 2021-2022


數位人類學、科學科技與社會、批判資料學 / Digital Anthropology, STS, Critical Data Studies


My research focuses on how the digital re/presents, mediates, and translates everyday politics. 
Topics of interest include data politics, mis- and dis-information, privacy and surveillance, and posthuman.


Yi-Jung Chen 陳奕融


Years of Affiliation: RIHSS Postdoctoral Fellow from 2021-2022


倫理學 / Ethics


My research area is in ethics, especially in normative ethics and the normativity of moral requirements. In addition, I am also interested in the philosophy about meaning of life and political philosophy.


Chun-I Lin 林郡儀

SOAS, University of London
Department of History of Art and Archaeology, Ph.D.

Years of Affiliation: RIHSS Postdoctoral Fellow from 2021-2022


中古中國墓葬美術、絲路藝術與考古、工藝史、博物館學 / Art History and Archaeology in Medieval China, Art and Cultural Interaction along the Silk Road, History of Artefacts, Museology


I was awarded my PhD at SOAS, University of London, working on ceramic tomb figurines in the Chang’an area from the 4th to the 7th century to see what they reveal of regional interactions in medieval northern China. My current research focuses on the transmission of funerary arts between the Tang Empire and its neighbouring polities. I am interested in these from an art history perspective but also in the wider role these arts played in diplomacy and relations between polities at the time.


Hao-Ming Lo 羅皓名


Years of Affiliation: RIHSS Postdoctoral Fellow from 2021-2022


戰後日本思想與運動、無政府主義、批判性藝術實作、聲響研究/Post-war Japanese thinking and movement, Anarchism, Critical artistic practices, Sound studies


I received my Ph.D. in Humanities from Meiji University in March  2021. My thesis analyzes the logical structure and thought-context in Japanese New Left thinker Tanigawa Gan's  texts by anti-form approach concatenated by “sound.” My current research focuses on the interaction between Avant-Garde artistic practices and critical political thoughts, specifically the action of Anarchism and violent revolution. 


Huei-Ling Lai 賴慧玲

Erasmus University Rotterdam
International Institute of Social Studies, Ph.D.

Years of Affiliation: RIHSS Postdoctoral Fellow from 2021-2022


政治生態學、草根創新及永續轉型研究、人文地理學、公民/社區電廠、另類農糧網路/ Political ecology, Grassroots innovation studies, Sustainability transitions research, Human geography, Community energy, Alternative food networks


Huei-Ling Lai received her PhD from the International Institute of Social Studies (ISS) in the Netherlands in 2021. She works and publishes on place-making politics and grassroots innovations in the energy and agricultural sectors in Taiwan. She also reports on environmental and energy issues as an independent journalist since 2009. 


Yi-Chen Lin 林怡岑


Years of Affiliation: RIHSS Postdoctoral Fellow from 2021-2022


漢語歷史語法、漢語副詞的發展歷程/Chinese historical grammar, The development of Chinese adverbs


 My researches involve the particles of “hé”(和), causal markers, consecutive adverbs and conjunctions. Currently focus on the modal adverbs which express counter-expectation. 


Chen-Sheng Lin 林朕陞


Years of Affiliation: RIHSS Postdoctoral Fellow from 2021-2022



時間序列分析、實證金融、宏觀經濟學/ Time Series Analysis, ​​Empirical Finance, Applied Macroeconomics


I received the Ph.D. degree in Economics from the National Chengchi University, Taipei, Taiwan, in 2019. My current research interests include time series analysis, empirical finance, and applied macroeconomics. Specifically, I have worked extensively in the areas of the informal sector economy and financial volatility modelling and forecasting. I also use some machine learning techniques (e.g., M-SVR) to enhance volatility forecasting. My publication record includes Academia Economic Papers (TSSCI, 2020) and Taipei Economic Inquiry (TSSCI, 2019). I am deeply honored to receive the Economic and Financial Paper Award from the Bank of Taiwan in 2019.


Tzu-Lung Chiu 邱子倫

Ghent University

Doctor of Oriental Languages and Cultures

Years of Affiliation: RIHSS Postdoctoral Fellow from 2021-2022



佛教學與民族誌/Buddhist Studies and Ethnography

比利時Ghent University 東亞系博士,曾任職於美國UC Berkeley 與德國Max Planck Institute 博士後研究員,

Prior to joining the Research Institute for the Humanities and Social Sciences (RIHSS) as a postdoctoral researcher, 
Tzu-Lung Chiu was a Postdoctoral Fellow in Buddhist Studies at the Max Planck Institute and the University of California, Berkeley. She is currently researching monastic networks that link Mahāyāna and Theravāda Buddhism in East and Southeast Asia, especially Thailand and Myanmar. 


Chia-Ling Hsu 許嘉麟

Université Paris Diderot-Paris 7

École doctorale Economies, espaces, sociétés, civilisations : pensée critique, politique et pratiques sociales, Ph.D.

Years of Affiliation: RIHSS Postdoctoral Fellow from 2021-2022


飲食地理、文化研究、區域研究(歐洲、台灣)/Geography of food, Cultural studies, Regional studies(Europe, Taiwan)


Her thesis discusses the globalization of French gastronomy from a qualitative study Taiwanese students who came to France to learn the French cuisine. 
Now she is now moving to a new research project in which she will investigate craftsmen in tea, coffee and chocolate industries in Taiwan in which now the boundary of farmers and craftsmen is getting blurred in these industries. 


Tsung-Hsin Lee 李宗興

The Ohio State University

Department of Dance, Ph.D.

Years of Affiliation: RIHSS Postdoctoral Fellow from 2021-2022


二十世紀現代舞史、亞洲當代劇場舞蹈、舞蹈評論、舞蹈構作、舞蹈外交、動作分析、拉邦舞譜/the 20th-century history of Modern Dance, concert dance in contemporary Asia, dance criticism,  dance dramaturgy, dance diplomacy, movement analysis, Laban Studies and Labanotation


Tsung-Hsin ‘Joda’ Lee, Ph.D, is interested in global network and circulation of dance from perspectives of the marginalized. His doctoral dissertation examines American modern dance companies’ State-sponsored tours to Asia from the 1950s to 1970s from Taiwanese perspectives. His current research explores cultural exchanges in artistic collaborations between Taiwanese and Thai choreographers and dancers to examine Asian modernity and connections for the marginalized.


Yo-Hsin Yang 楊又欣

Durham University

Department of Geography, Ph.D.

Years of Affiliation: RIHSS Postdoctoral Fellow from 2021-2022


性地理學、批判性觀光研究、移動研究/Geographies of sexualities, Critical tourism studies, Mobility research


I consider myself to be a human geographer interested in disclosing multiple ties between sexualities and different scales of geography, including physical spaces, cities, nations, regions, and the globe as well as human's physical movements among them. I currently work on a project examining the interrelations between the sex industry and the neighborhood where it locates, aiming to provide a new perspective on the debate of sex zones policy. 


Heng-Fen Lin 林亨芬


Years of Affiliation: RIHSS Postdoctoral Fellow from 2021-2022


近代東北亞史、鐵道研究╱Modern North-east Asia History, Railway Research


Heng-Fen Lin research interests lie in the rise of modern Japan and its interaction with neighboring countries (19th-20th centuries). Her thesis discussed the Dispute and the Negotiation between China and Japan concerning the policing of the South Manchuria Railway, 1906-1931. Her current research focuses on the relationship between the Japanese Government and Manchurian bandits, specifically Japanese’s perception and response, to examine the role of bandits in the Japanese governance and expansion of Manchuria.  


Yen-Hsiu Chen 陳衍秀

Université de Paris

École doctorale, Sciences des Sociétés, Ph.D.

Years of Affiliation: RIHSS Postdoctoral Fellow from 2021-2022


性史、雙性戀、非二元性/別認同、法國酷兒歷史與文化/history of sexuality, bisexuality, non-binary sexualities and gender identities, French queer history and culture

巴黎大學歷史與文明博士,國立交通大學語言與文化研究所碩士、外國語文學系學士。曾任萬能科技大學英語教學中心專任講師、英/法譯中自由譯者。曾獲教育部留學獎學金赴法國進修博士學位,畢業論文《從朦朧到抵拒:雙性戀認同與社會文化變遷 (以台北、巴黎為例,1970年代至今)》以歷史視角探討法國與台灣雙性戀認同的浮現、再現與流變。。

Yen-Hsiu Chen received her Ph.D. in History and Civilizations from the University of Paris, France. She holds an M.A. degree in Cultural Studies and a B.A. degree in English from National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan. She was a full-time lecturer at English Language Center, Vanung University and an English/French to Chinese freelance translator. She was awarded a scholarship by the Ministry of Education, Taiwan to pursue her doctoral degree in France. Her doctoral dissertation entitled “From obscurity to resistance: bisexual identity and socio-cultural mutations (Paris, Taipei, from the 1970s to the present day)” explores the emergence, representation and evolution of bisexual identities in France and Taiwan from a historical point of view.