Foreign Visiting Scholar & Domestic Visiting Scholar

Name:De Weerdt, Hilde Godelieve Dominique Ghislena
Current Position:Professor, Leiden University(the Netherlands), Leiden Institute for Area Studies
Research Project:Scaling Literati Networks: Locality and Polity in Song China and Medieval Europe
Visiting Period:2015.01.15~2015.05.15
Name:Ming Li
Current Position:Associate Professor, Department of Economics, Concordia University
Research Project:Information Transmission and Persuasion
Visiting Period:2014.03.01~2014.05.31
Name:Kawai Kozo
Current Position:Professor, Graduate School of Letters, Kyoto University
Research Project:1. 唐人選唐詩讀書班規畫案。2. 夔州時期杜詩之新變。
Visiting Period:2014.04.01~2014.06.30
Name:Yu-Fang Cho
Current Position:Associate Professor, Department of English, Miami University
Research Project:Globalization's Romance: Unnatural Reproduction in Biopolitical Imaginaries of US-Asia Relations
Visiting Period:2014.04.28~2014.12.31
Name:Tatsuhiko Seo
Current Position:Professor, Asian History, Chuo University
Research Project:Social Transformations in China's Capital Cities, 4th-15th Centuries
Visiting Period:2014.08.01~2014.10.31
Name:David Wible
Current Position:Distinguished Professor, Graduate Institute of Learning and Instruction, National Central University
Research Project:Linguistic Foundations for Machine-tractable Models of Lexis for Language Learning
Visiting Period:2013.10.01~2014.02.28
Name:Alex Tai
Current Position:Assistant Professor, General Education Center, Chang Gung University
Research Project:Effects of Process Writing Instruction on EFL Learners' Performance and Self-efficacy within Online Collaborative Learning System
Visiting Period:2014.02.01~2014.12.31
Name:Friedman Philip Kerim
Current Position:Associate Professor, Department of Ethnic Relations and Cultures, National Dong Hwa University
Research Project:Standardizing Amis/Pangcah: Indigenous Language Revitalization and Ideologies of Scale in Taiwan
Visiting Period:2014.08.01~2015.07.31
Name:Yang, Wen-Hsien
Current Position:Assistant Professor, Department of Applied English, National Kaohsiung University of Hospitality and Tourism
Research Project:CLIL vs. ESP: Two sides of the same coin or two extremes of a continuum?
Visiting Period:2014.10.01~2015.06.30
Name:Guan, Kean Fung
Current Position:Associate Professor, Department of Chinese Language and Literature, National Tsing Hua University
Research Project:以桃源演繹時局:晚清文人的「桃源」書寫
Visiting Period:2015.03.01~2015.06.15