Foreign Visiting Scholar
Name:De Weerdt, Hilde Godelieve Dominique Ghislena
Current Position:Professor, Leiden University(the Netherlands), Leiden Institute for Area Studies
Research Project:Scaling Literati Networks: Locality and Polity in Song China and Medieval Europe
Visiting Period:2015.01.15~2015.05.15
Name:Patricia Ebrey
Current Position:Professor, Department of History, University of Washington
Research Project:China United and Divided, 300-1300
Visiting Period:2015.11.17~2016.02.29

Domestic Visiting Scholar
Name:Wang Yu-Ting
Current Position:Associate Professor, Institute of Taiwan Literature, National Tsing Hua University
Research Project:地誌書寫與歷史語境──五〇年代女性文學南部書寫之寫作策略與美學特徵
Visiting Period:2015.08.01~2016.07.31